I'm Good: Hairdryer edition

I'm Good is my series devoted to things that are...well, I wouldn't say Holy Grail, but close enough that the search is dormant. Huzzah: more time/money I can devote to other beauty categories.

I'm not going to claim to be a hairdryer expert. All I know is that I want something to dry my hair quickly and I don't believe I need a $100+ device to do it.

I used to think that all drugstore hair dryers of a given wattage were the same, so I always just got the cheapest version. Then one time I was staying the night at a friend's and asked to borrow her hair dryer. It felt substantially heavier (like I would imagine a professional one to weigh) and blew my hair all over the damn place, it was so powerful. Drying time cut in half. I was then surprised to find out it was Conair. "Where'd you get this?!" I asked, and she shrugged and said she got it as some gift with purchase. The next time my hair dryer broke down, I vowed to find it, and even though it was like twice the price of others on the same shelf it was a no-brainer. After that another friend stayed with me and had the same reaction, but this time I could point her to our friendly Target.
Conair Infiniti Pro AC Motor Dryer, $20.98

I know what you're thinking (coolstorybro) but my whole reason for posting this now is that it's on clearance at Target.com for $20.98. (By the way, you do have a Target Red Card, right? Free shipping with no minimum on most things, and their clearance section for home goods online can sometimes be insane, like $5 for a fleece blanket and whatnot. Plus 5% off every day.) If you miss it, probably not a big deal: you can get it on Amazon for as little as $23.

I've had mine for 3 years and it's still going strong. The only complaint I have is the concentrator attachment falls off easily. But I don't really use any other attachment, so I just taped it to my dryer with some packing tape. NBD. Wirecutter also has declared it's the best cheap hair dryer, in case you're wary of taking advice from a rando.